3875: Performing with Technology

Develop new course offered for the first time in Spring of 2021


Advanced techniques in performance with established and new technologies including live cameras, audio, greenscreen, special effects, motion capture, and controlling digital avatars.

Rationale for Creating this Course:

Associate Professor Paul Kalina, the head of acting, wanted to expand the MFA acting curriculum to include training in digital performance in order to provide students with a skillset for twenty-first century performance opportunities that frequently occur in mediums such as film, TV, animation, Voice Over, emerging internet platforms, motion capture performance, etc. He not only wanted to provide training for actors in performance for these digital mediums, but also to provide students with tools to become creative content producers in these various artforms. I worked closely with Professor Kalina to create a four-course digital arts curriculum, of which this class was designed specifically for the MFA actors.


The course was originally designed to introduce performers to performing with live cameras and live greenscreen effects onstage, control digital avatars in real-time during live events, and explore performing with emerging technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality and motion capture. Due to Covid-19, the course had to be completely re-imagined for online teaching. I opened the course to graduate designers and choreographers who might benefited from the topic and collaborations.

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