3876: Video for Performance

Develop new course offered for the first time in Spring of 2018

An introduction to the aesthetics and practical applications of digital media design for live performance, including content creation, system design and content optimization for media servers. Open to students from any department with an interest in designing, creating, and displaying digital media for theatre, dance, concerts, corporate events, gallery installations, VJ sets, and architectural projections. Working with professional software (Adobe Creative Cloud including Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects) students learn how to create digital art work and integrate it into live performance and entertainment events via projections, media servers and digital displays.

Rationale for Creating this Course:

Part of five new courses that form the foundation in digital arts for live performance curriculum at the University of Iowa.


This is a foundational/intro course, akin to Lighting Design 1, Costume Design 1, or Scene Design 1, where students  learn the fundamentals of media/projection design from a content creation and designer perspective.

Samples of Student Work:

Projection mapping project using After Effects for content creation and QLab for mapping. One projector hooked up to a laptop, projecting onto a print hanging on the wall.

Projection mapping project using After Effects for content creation and projection mapping onto a photo of a model for online class during Pandemic when physical projection mapping was not possible.

After effects project learning to create particle effects.

After effects project learning to create custom moving shapes.

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