3880: Installations and Interactive Performance

Develop new course offered for the first time in Spring of 2017

An introduction to the aesthetics, techniques and practical possibilities of fusing together theatre, dance, music/sound, art, design, cinema, gaming, human computer interaction, and engineering. Students learn the foundations of creating interactive experiences that use digital photos, video, text, real-world objects, sensor data, live bodies moving in space, Kinect 2 sensors, cameras, and multiple video outputs such as projectors and LED displays. The interactive, node-based programming software Isadora, is used to create immersive mediated performances, interactive installations, embodied user based experiences and user manipulated virtual environments.

Rationale for Creating this Course:

Part of five new courses that form the foundation in digital arts for live performance curriculum at the University of Iowa.


Offers students interdisciplinary collaborations that prompt them to research outside the traditional conventions of their respective disciplines in order to create artistic experiences that utilize technology for user based and interactive experiences.


During the course of the first semester the class was run, Iowa Now interviewed students and took photos. Iowa Now wrote and published an article on 10/25/17 that was featured on the main University homepage for about three months.

Samples of Student Work:

Link to a student assignment video from online 2021 version of the class. Students used Isadora to create live, audio reactive performance that ported from Isadora to Zoom in real-time. For this performance grad students used Ableton Live in addition to Isadora. Skip to 2:00 in the video for the start of the performance.

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