3890: Producing and Directing Digital Video

Develop new course offered for the first time in Fall of 2016

An introduction to the basic concepts, theories and practical applications of digital video production for multiple distribution streams, with a focus on aesthetic and technical principles, that is open to students from any department. The primary focus of the course is for students to develop proficiency in contemporary approaches to digital media production, by understanding the production pipeline, from Ideation to Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and through to Distribution. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in writing, producing, directing, shot composition, lighting, location sound recording, non-linear editing and other skills necessary to create a compelling and engaging digital video. Working in groups, students are assigned practical projects using professional grade media software and hardware.

Rationale for Creating this Course:

Part of five new courses that form the foundation in digital arts for live performance curriculum at the University of Iowa.


Video is ubiquitous in our world. From artistic projects meant for various video distribution outlets to documentation of stage and gallery work, artists of all disciplines often find themselves needing to create video at some point during their careers.

Additionally, this class serves live performance students who integrate digital media into performance by providing a foundation in visual storytelling, production, and manipulation of digital video.

Samples of Student Work:

Project: Final Project

Project: Sound

Project: Style

Project: Animation

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