Daniel Fine

media | projection | system

 design & integration


Immersive Site-Specific Devised Theatre



Co-Media Designer

November 2013


The Ice House, Phoenix, Arizona




An immersive site-specific experience about women, writing, and madness. The Ice House is known internationally as a venue for the avant-garde. The historic Icehouse itself is a true work of art, a rich meld of refined elegance and the industrial edge. Awarded an ASU Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts grant.

Tech Specs:

Surveillance camera system captured performers and audience throughout ten rooms on three floors, which played back on forty-plus televisions that were integrated into the space.

Key Creative Team:

Experience Architects: Rachel Bowditch and Eileen Standley

Devising Team: Julie Rada, Chelsea Pace, Jenny Strickland, Shay Webster, Lauren Breunig, Ashley Baker, Corinne Bocchino, Julie Akerly, Shelby Keefe and Martha Hernandez.

Design Team: Dan Fine, Matthew Ragan, Brunella Provvidente, Adam L.Vachon, Stephen Christensen and Anastasia Schneider.

Snow on four 40" analog TVs.

Live video feed onto multiple TVs.

Performer interacting with image of herself on the TV, which was captured with a small camera mounted onto the edge of the television.

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