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Digital Media and Dance

Digital Media Designer, Set Designer



April 2018:

Performance: Space Place Theatre, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

October 2018:

Solo Conference Presentation: The Art of Content Creation

LDI 2018 Conference and Tradeshow. Las Vegas, NV

March 2019:

Solo Conference Presentation: From Artistic Inspiration to Final Design

USITT 19 Conference & Stage Expo. Louisville, KY


Culminating performance for a summer 2017 Old Gold research award. A collaboration with Ari Russ, for her thesis show and culmination for her Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio Summer Fellowship award for motion capture and solo dance performance.


It was important to Ari that all of the images on stage stem from her body. All of the digital artwork is created from photos and live videos of Ari. Given the nature of the theme Ari was exploring - the male gaze, feminine power, power structures in dance, etc. - we felt that it was important to constantly be aware of the power dynamic in the room given that I was Ari's professor and a male making decisions about what was to be projected onto her body. We agreed that Ari would have final control over all imagery. We hired a female photographer, Dana Keeton, to take photos of Ari in the nude. Ari chose all the photos and edited them for final inclusion in the performance.


For the first section of the dance, I used the Kinect depth sensor to follow and map custom visuals (all being created from images of Ari) into her back. For the second section, I created an Isadora patch and live manipulated the RGB feed of Aril from the Kinect camera in realtime. We also used motion tracking via the kinect which allowed Ari's movements to also control the visuals in realtime.

Tech Specs:

Two projectors, Kinect Sensor, Isadora, Touch Designer, Scrim

Key Creative Team:

Choreographer/Performer | Arianna Russ

Photographer | Dana Keeton


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