Beneath: a journey within

Stereoscopic 3D & 2D Projections with Live Performance

Co-Deviser,  Lead Media Designer


Arizona State University, Marsten Theatre

June 2016

Tempe, Arizona

Lead media artist of a department of nine. Beneath is a joint collaboration between the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre and the School of Earth & Space Exploration at Arizona State University. It immerses live performers and the audience within stereoscopic 3D projections by using custom software to create real-time data visualizations and artistic interpretations of the current scientific research happening within the interior of the Earth. The purpose of Beneath is:




• to create an original work of outreach and public programing that brings current scientific research to the general public in a manner that is accessible, compelling, and educational;

• to query the implications of scientific theories and technological innovation;

• to experiment with live performance in an immersive stereoscopic 3D environment;

• to educate students in cross-disciplinary collaboration;

• to explore ways that artists, scientists, and engineers can collaborate to advance research;

• to develop and expand planetarium’s media capabilities as venues for live performance, education and public outreach.


Tech Specs:

The Beneath team is designing and constructing Seismic, a new system for stereoscopic 3D flat-screen planetarium media production, control, and display that will greatly expand and amplify current capabilities of planetariums that use more traditional platforms such as Sky-Skan.

Key Creative Team:

Writer | Director | Performer: Lance Gharavi

Performer: Julie Rada

Scenic/Costume Designer: Brunella Provvidente

Sound Designer: Stephen Christensen

Software Developers: Matthew Ragan and Ian Shelanskey

Media Designers: Miwa Matreyek, Alex Oliszewski


Data visualization of current tomography data.

Visualization of S Waves.

Traditional stop motion footage depicting a cross section of the earth's interior.

Visualization of the humming earth responding to bass guitar.

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