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Daniel is an artist, scholar, and technologist working in immersive, responsive, mediated environments for interactive users, audiences and live performance. His work combines traditional forms of storytelling with that of cutting-edge, interactive digital media technologies in order to engage the imaginations and hearts of a twenty-first century audience. As a fellow at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination he was recognized as a “creative disruptor driving path breaking research, teaching and outreach projects… exploding traditional disciplinary boundaries and bringing new audiences into the conversation about building a better future.” In 2015, he was one of “five visual visionaries” featured in Live Design International magazine’s article on What’s Trending in Content Creation. Daniel is the co-author of Digital Media, Projection Design & Technology, published by Focal Press, an imprint of Routledge in 2018. He is Assistant Professor of Digital Media in Performance with a joint appointment in Theatre Arts and Dance and a core faculty member of the Public Digital Arts cluster at the University of Iowa.


MFA, Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance

Arizona State University

School of Film, Dance and Theatre / Arts, Media, and Engineering

Course and practical work in design, software, and system integration in interdisciplinary media, projection design, and experiential media systems for interactive and immersive environments.


Applied Project: Wonder Dome. Principle Investigator (producer, director, system design, content creation) of a cross-university research project between Arizona State University and The Ohio State University. Wonder Dome is a touring performance platform that invites audiences into an interactive, 360-degree immersive dome where narrative can be encountered, explored and told by mixing ancient forms of live performance with cinema, gaming, HCI and cutting edge digital technology. The project raised over $44,000.00 in cash funding and over $250,000.00 in in-kind donations from industry corporate sponsors to date, involved professionals, graduate students and under-graduate students across the artistic disciplines and was premiered at the professional SPARK! Festival of Creativity at The Mesa Arts Center in March, 2014. Learn more at: Wonderdome.co


Committee Chair:  Jacob Pinholster, Director School of Theatre and Film.

Committee Members: Dr. Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Dr. Lance Gharavi, Dr. Donald Marinelli.


BFA, Theater Directing

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Drama

Course and practical work in all aspects of theatrical stage production, with an emphasis on directing, writing, designing, acting, and classical story-telling using varied visual styles.



Video Projection Design, 2009

Yale University

School of Drama

Audited video projection design/systems classes with professor/Tony-Award winner Wendall Harrington.


Certificate in Media Literacy, 1998

Boston Film & Video Foundation

Course work in analyzing the meaning making of visual imagery in all forms of media.


Film Studies, 1995

Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Course and practical work in all aspects of filmmaking, video production, and 35mm still photography.

Certificate in Media Literacy, 1998


Junior Year Abroad, 1994

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Department of Drama

Course and practical work in all aspects of theatrical stage production, with an emphasis on puppetry.


Digital Media Designer

Music from Airports

Voxman Opera Studio

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

May 4, 2018

Collaborated with Carol Trio, a French jazz ensemble, and composer Jean-Francois Charles on a live concert using four live cameras, a video switcher, one projector, one screen and audio-reactive visuals.


Co-Creator/User Experience Design/Video Producer/Director/Camera/Editor

Exploring Iowa's Renewable Energy

Interactive installation for children and families

Robert A. Lee Rec Center

Iowa City Public Arts

Iowa City, IA

November 2017 – December 2019

Collaborated with six-member team to create and install an interactive installation, commissioned by commissioned by Iowa City Public Arts. Created a three-channel atmospheric, meditative, thirty-minute lopping video with audio on Iowa’s hydro, wind and solar energy.


Digital Media Designer/Co-Creator

Kansas No More

Dance Gala

November 10 & 11, 2017

Hancher Auditorium

Iowa City, IA

A collaboration with dance professor, Charlotte Adams, to create a new work that positions digital media as an equal performer to a dancer, and a designer as equal collaborator to a choreographer. We are currently discussing possibilities of being able to tour the work in the future.


Digital Media Designer

Conrad Tao’s An Adjustment for Piano, Orchestra, and Electronics

Sioux City Symphony Orchestra

Sioux City, IA

April 2017

Commissioned by Sioux City Symphony Orchestra to create custom animations for a new work.


Co-Digital Media Designer

King Gordogan Workshop

Erika Hughes, director

The Bridge Initiative

Mesa, AZ


The Bridge Initiative partnered with Columbia scholar Carla Stockton, who was in residence, to present an excerpt from her new translation of Croatian poet Radovan Ivsic's King Gordogan. Written in 1943, during the Nazi occupation of his beloved Zagreb, the play is a powerful example of Theater of the Absurd, a satire about power's all-consuming destructiveness.


Lead Digital Media Designer


Lance Gharavi, director

Marston Theatre

Tempe, AZ


Lead media artist for stereoscopic 3D video content with live performance. Supervise a department of seven, while working closely with software developers to create a custom, Touch Designer show control system and data visualization software. A joint collaboration between the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre and the School of Earth & Space Exploration, bringing together scientists, engineers, historians, and artist to produce original public programming.


Digital Media Designer

Alice in Wonderland

Jordan Deffenbaugh, director

Mesa Community College

Mesa, AZ


Create custom digital artwork and videos, supervise a four person department, mentor student assistants. Design and program an Isadora system with using two projectors. 2016 AriZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence for Artistic Specialization in Media Design.


Projection Designer, System Design

Everybody’s Talkin’: The Music of Harry Nilsson

Javier Velasco, director

San Diego Rep

San Diego, CA


A world premiere of the new musical event by Steve Gunderson, starring Tony Award winners Gregory Jbara and Alice Ripley. Design projections and system using QLAB and two projectors.


Projection Designer, System Design

The Count of Monte Cristo

Tim Threlfall, director

de Jong Concert Hall, Brigham Young University

Provo, UT


A United States premiere of the new opera by Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy. Design projections and system using Green Hippo media server and four projectors onto eight mapped surfaces. Supervise a department of five and mentor student assistants.


Digital Media Designer

Johnny Appledrone vs the FAA

Don Marinelli, director

Emerge Festival

Tempe, AZ


Created custom digital artwork and projection for Don Marinelli’s one-man dramatization of the short story by Lee Konstantinou from the volume, “Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future,” created by the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination.


Digital Media Designer

The Anatomy of a HUG

Amanda Noel, director

The Bridge Initiative

Mesa, AZ


Created custom digital artwork and system configuration for twenty-four televisions.


Co-Digital Media Designer, System Design

Terra Tractus

Tom Burnett, director

Projects for a New Millennium

Stony Creek, CT

June 2014

Co-design media and system for a multi-media spectacle in a working quarry. Using custom-built software developed in Derivative’s Touch Designer, the design explores the edges of incorporating media for live performance. Working with three Christie 12k projectors, miniature models, real-time digital art, stop motion animations, and visuals reacting to music in real-time. A layered and playful world that visually enhanced the story of the geological history of the Earth, and the Stony Creek Quarry was created.


Co-Digital Media Designer, System Design


Proyecta Festival

Puebla, Mexico

May 2014

Custom visuals responded in real-time to audio from six live musicians, which were integrated to create a moving canvas on the ground and in the trees, activating approximately 3/4 of the 250'x250' historic site. Custom built PC media server running Touch Designer out via three Datapaths to Twelve Epson 10K projectors. Analog to digital audio interface received inputs from each musicians instrument microphone and routed into Touch Designer. The highs, mids and lows were set to specific visual perameters. In addition, other visuals were manipulated live VJ style. Software: Touch Designer, Touch OSC, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro.


Digital Media Designer, SkySkan & Isadora Programmer

A Brief History of Time

Lance Gharavi, director

Marston Theatre

Tempe, AZ

September 2013

Design media and integrate Isadora playback system with Definiti’s SkySkan system for stereoscopic 3D video content with live performance. The show celebrates the 25th anniversary of Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking book, "A Brief History of Time." The first production in a joint collaboration between the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre and the School of Earth & Space Exploration, bringing together scientists, engineers, historians, and artist to produce original public programming. Working inside the state-of-the-art Marston Exploration Theatre with two high-end projection systems (2K and 8K) to create 2D and 3D content, record and edit interviews of leading physicists including Paul Davies and Lawrence Kraus, create DIY videos explaining cosmological phenomenon, and create custom drawings.


Co-Media Designer


Rachel Bowditch, director

The Ice House

Phoenix, AZ

November 2013

Co-Design media and system for a performance in the Ice House, known internationally as a venue for the avant-garde. The historic Icehouse itself is a true work of art, a rich meld of refined elegance and the industrial edge. Directed by Rachel Bowditch and awarded an ASU Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts grant. Install a wireless surveillance camera system for live-streaming, record and edit movies for playback, create installation of forty-plus televisions in ten rooms on three floors.


Media Designer

Memory Room

Rachel Bowditch, director

Scottsdale Public Art

Scottsdale, AZ

Summer 2013

Designed media and system for a performance installation in a storefront in downtown Scottsdale, AZ. Directed by Rachel Bowditch and commissioned by Scottsdale Cultural Council. All components were completely analog, consisting of three live security cameras, three DVD players, three televisions, and three A/B switchers. The performers were able to switch between prerecorded content or to live cameras during the performance. At times when there was no performance, the space was activated by content playing from the DVD players.


Media System Designer


Boyd Branch, director

Mesa Center for the Arts

Mesa, AZ

March 2013

Design system for six projectors across six screens and four interactive media stations that are connected to the main display system. Technology used: six projectors, five computers, two triple-head matrox three cameras, one BlackMagic ATEM video switcher. Software: Isadora, Module8, MadMapper.


Digital Media/Interactive Designer, Co-Creator, Isadora Programmer


Megan Flod, dir.

ASU Binary Theatre

Tempe AZ,

January 2013

Designed media and interactive audience experiences, and projection system for travelling theatrical experience/installation for children. Technology used: six projectors, five computers, five TV monitors, two kinects, two triple-head matrox, one camera. Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Isadora, Processing, OSC, Animata, NI Mate.


Digital Media Designer, Watchout and Isadora Programmer


Megan Weaver, director

ASU Mainstage

Tempe, AZ

December 2012

Designed abstract media and projection system for three 35’ surround screens and 20’x20’ of floor projection using nine projectors, five computers, and two control systems. Additional technology used: two triple-head matrox, two mirrors to bounce projections. Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Isadora, Processing, OSC.


Associate Media Designer, Isadora Programmer


Brian Foley and Megan Weaver, co-directors.

ASU Mainstage

Tempe, AZ

September 2012

Assisted Jacob Pinholster on content creation, system installation and camera operations for eighteen screens, using three projectors, three PTZ cameras, five computers, two operating systems. Supervised the creation of a custom Processing patch that scraped Twitter for tweets and pictures and outputted the content via Syphon and OSC. Programmed Isadora to display the OSC tweets and the Syphon photos and send the signals out to Watchout.


Isadora Programmer

Mothers and Daughters, Live 2.0

Lee Quarrie, director

ASU 2nd Stage

Tempe, AZ

April 2012

Programmed Isadora to display thirty-six movies, across twenty-six scenes, via two projectors onto two screens.


Media Designer, Watchout Programmer

Unsung Heroes/Untold Stories

ASU Mainstage

Designed media and projection system for 25’x25’ cyc and two 4’x6’ screens using three projectors, two computers, and one control system.


Co-Media Designer, Isadora Programmer, Co-Creator

The Survivors Way

Brian Foley, director

ASU 2nd Stage

Tempe, AZ

April 2012

Designed media and projection system for 25’x25’ cyc using two digital projectors, one transparency projector, two computers, a video switcher, eight live cameras and two control systems. Ran the show live, operating live cameras, video switcher and two system controllers.


Assistant Media Design/Operations Assistant

Emerge Festival

Lance Gharavi, director

ASU Plaza

Tempe, AZ

March 2012

Assisted Jacob Pinholster system design and installation, and creation of an interactive performance on the Nelson Fine Arts Center Plaza. Helped build interactive costumes and props. Assisted as operations manager, responsible for coordinating all the technical needs of the performance across all departments including sound, live musicians, IR camera, projections, actors, costumes, props, etc.


Storytelling with Technology, Design and Technology, Immersive Media Environments, Experiential Media Systems, Architectural Projections, Transdisciplinary Problem Solving, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Linking Academia and Industry, Interactive Media for Children and Family Audiences, Interactive Media for Live Performance, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 360 Video Production, Drone Video.


Co-Principal Investigator

Digital Media Designer, User Experience Design, Networked Live Video Integration

Elevator #7

Live Performance in Shared Virtual Worlds: Collaborations between Computer Science, Engineering, Theatre Arts, Dance, and Art & Art History

November 2017 – December 2018

Mabie Theatre

University of Iowa

Public Performances December 7 and 8, 2018

Co-Principal Investigator with Professor Joe Kearney on a transdisciplinary team of faculty for an awarded Creative Matches Grant ($13,000). Build a scalable, public performance that explores the theatrical possibilities of emerging VR technologies. We will develop a series of small studies (3-5 minute experiences involving a handful of actors and participants) that investigate ways to create immersive, interactive experiences. Members of the “audience” will each wear a head-mounted display and share a virtual environment with one another. They will see actors and other members of the audience as live video streams and avatars in the virtual world.


Co-Principle Investigator/Co-Creator/Digital Media Designer

Media Clown

August 2017 – present

International Performance at Prague Quadrennial 2019

June, 2019

Awarded an Obermann Center for Advanced Studies Interdisciplinary Research Grant ($18,000) for summer 2018 four week devising work with Professor Shannon Harvey from Backstage Academy. Integrates the newest digital technologies with traditional analog European clown routines (think Keaton not Bozo) resulting in a first of its kind live Digital Media Clown show. The research team is working in collaboration with Partnership in the Arts, The 2019 New Play Festival and the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies and has been invited to present the work-in-progress as part of the 2019 Prague Quadrennial (PQ ‘19) of Performance Design and Space, the largest international exhibition and festival event dedicated to scenography, performance design and theatre architecture. Of over one-hundred and thirty applications from around the world, Media Clown was one of forty-three to receive an invitation to participate from the peer-reviewed selection committee. Additionally, the team is in ongoing talks to premiere the finished work at Hancher Auditorium. The collaborative research and final stage of development at the Prague Quadrennial will result in an interdisciplinary touring production that blends cutting edge technology into the clown’s physical world in order to connect performers and audience members in a shared human experience through a digital/physical playground.


Principal Investigator/Digital Media Designer

Live Geometry

Traditional Disciplinary Silos: Creating New Multimodal Transdisciplinary Art & Performance

February 2017 – April 2018

Dada Futures Conference

University of Iowa

April 20, 2018

Principal Investigator of a transdisciplinary team of faculty for an awarded Arts & Humanities Initiative (AHI) Standard Grant ($7,500). The first interdisciplinary project created by faculty researchers working together within the Public Digital Arts (PDA) Cluster. The first performance will premiere at the Dada Futures Conference. After the premiere, we will apply to other art/technology festivals and write a white paper.


Principal Investigator/Digital Media Designer


Thesis Project/Old Gold Performance

Space Place Theatre

April 11, 12 & 13, 2018

Culminating performance for my summer 2017 Old Gold research award. A collaboration with Ari Russ, for her thesis show and culmination for her Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio Summer Fellowship award for motion capture and solo dance performance.


Special Projects, Fall 2013 – Spring 2013

School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University

With limited supervision, execute special research and practical projects for the School of Film, Dance and Theatre’s Director Jacob Pinholster. Assignments to date include: install the technology for a live-streaming video studio, test and create reports on industry leading projection systems, and recruitment research for the department.


Research Assistant, Summer – Fall 2013

School of Art, Arizona State University

Principle Investigator: Betsy Schneider

Provided Final Cut Pro 7 tutorials, advised on rough cuts of short films, and researched funding sources and potential film festivals for Triskaidekaphobia, an exhaustive collection of images, videos and words from thirteen-year-olds, coming together to provide a portrait of early adolescence in 2012. Funded by a 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship to Betsy Schneider.


Research Assistant, Spring 2012 – Fall 2012

CareerWise, Arizona State University

Principle Investigator: Dr. Bianca Bernstein

Responsible for producing, shooting and editing a series of interactive simulations incorporated into http://careerwise.asu.edu. Funded through the National Science Foundation, CareerWise is an interdisciplinary research and development program with the goal of increasing women’s persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) doctoral programs.


Video Producer/Director/Camera/Editor


Music video for oboe, Muse EEG headband and interactive electronics

Commissioned by composer Christopher Jette, Technical Director of the Max Lab and Lecturer at CCRMA, Stanford University and oboist Courtney Miller, Assistant Professor of Oboe, The University of Iowa.

Recording, December 2017 | Editing Spring 2018 – Fall 2018 | Release Fall 2018

Psionic is an exploration of timbral space with sound material drawn from recordings of Florida swamps. These recordings are translated into notation and serve as the building blocks for the oboe part. In addition to oboe, the performer is fitted with an EEG headband, which is used to control various aspects in the electronic accompaniment. The performer exhibits both direct and indirect control over the electronics. The work brings together sounds controlled by brain activity, sounds evoking memories stored in the brain and the sonic synthesis of the neural activity in an attempt to blend mental facets into a sonic utterance. The animation was created by Angus Forbes and processes prints of sound on paper. Generated by the composer and Terry Conrad, speakers are used to agitate a printing vessel and the floating ink is used to produce prints. Forbes processes these images to provide an additional layer of counterpoint to the sonic material.


Small Professional/Community Theater:

Director, Video & Projection Design                      Ramona Quimby                                  Hartford Children's Theatre

Director                                                                  Home Circles                                       Capital Classics

Director                                                                  A Child's Christmas in Wales               CT Heritage Productions

Director                                                                  The Year of the Hiker                           Hole in the Wall Theatre

Director                                                                  The Dependency                                 Mark Twain Masquers

Director                                                                  Mitzi Goes to Hollywood                      New England Actors Theatre

Director, Producer                                                  Love Letters                                        Sandalwood Ensemble

Director, Producer                                                  A Dream Play                                      Sandalwood Ensemble

Director, Producer                                                  A Streetcar Named Desire                  Sandalwood Ensemble

Director, Producer                                                  On the Verge                                       Sandalwood Ensemble

Director, Producer                                                  Of Widows and Vegetables                 Sandalwood Ensemble

Director, Producer                                                  Scooter Thomas                                  Sandalwood Ensemble

Set Design, Producer                                            Sister Mary Ignacious                          Sandalwood Ensemble

Set Design, Producer                                            Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi                       Sandalwood Ensemble

Set Design                                                             Marat/Sade                                          CT Heritage Productions

Set & Lighting Design, TD                                     Uncommon Women and Others          CT Heritage Productions

Set & Lighting Design, TD                                     One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest      CT Heritage Productions

Set & Lighting Design, TD                                     Raids on the Articulate                        New England Actors Theatre

Set & Lighting Design, TD                                     S+N One Act Play Festival                  New England Actors Theatre


Educational Theater:

Director, Lighting & Costume Design                     King Gordogan                                    Educational Center for the Arts

Director, Set Design                                               God                                                     Educational Center for the Arts

Co-Director, Set, Lighting,

    Video Design & Puppet Conception                  Into the Woods                                    Guilford High School

Staging Director                                                     A Funny Thing…Forum                       Guilford High School

Director, Set & Lighting Design                              A Chorus Line                                     Voices Inc.

Set & Lighting Design                                            Pippin                                                  Naugatuck Teen Theater

Co-Director                                                            Chamber Music                                   East Haven High School



Director, Co-Editor, Co-Producer                          Tribute to Sidney Lumet                       Director's View Film Festival

    (starring Ossie Davis, Celeste Holm, Lee Grant, Alice Spivak)

Director, Co-Editor, Co-Producer                           Tribute to Arthur Penn                         Director's View Film Festival

    (starring Melanie Griffith, Judith Light, Sandy Duncan, Barbara Feldon, Giancarlo Esposito)

Director, Co-Producer, Writer                                Bagel King                                           Film Fest New Haven

Director, Co-Producer, Writer                                Gottenyu                                              Film Fest New Haven


Narrative Film/Video:

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer                           G-Spots?                                             Bagel Fish Productions

    (starring Keith David and Sandy Duncan)

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer,

    DP, Editor                                                           Uptonanda                                          Bagel Fish Productions

Director, Co-Writer, DP, Editor                               Chicken Road                                      Bagel Fish Productions

Director, Co-Producer, DP, Editor                          Painting from the Heart                       Bagel Fish Productions


Freelance Camera Operator/Editor, 2004 - present

Misc. Production Companies

Freelance camera operator, responsible for capturing footage and interacting with clients on a per job basis throughout the Northeast. Also contracted to edit original video productions and upload to websites for video streaming, using Final Cut Pro HD Suite, DVD Studio Pro Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and various compression and encoding software. Assignments include: sports, weddings, events and independent media productions.


Installation Manager, 2002 - 2011

Yale University School of Architecture Gallery, New Haven, CT

Independent Contractor responsible for assessing and implementing the technical requirements of architectural exhibits. Manage load-in, installation and strike of exhibits.

•Duties include: supervising installation crew, ordering materials and supplies, safety training, fabrication of structural installation exhibits, carpentry, rigging, fine artwork handling and installation, lighting design and operation of video projection systems and audio-visual displays and systems.


Production Manager, 2004 - 2011

Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT

First employee hired by company. Under limited supervision, manage and schedule the day-to-day operations and maintenance of concert facility and professional recording studio. In addition to typical production manager responsibilities and duties, was in charge of planning, setting up and creating procedures for office, concerts, and studio. Worked closely with in-house bar to assure musician and audience safety and happiness. Comply with all fire and building regulations and set security protocols for all studio sessions, rehearsals and concerts. Responsible for running box office, managing website and social media networking sites, including local and regional advertising and communications. Supervised the move of company’s offices and the renovation and creation of a second recording studio, including strategic planning. Producer, camera operator, and editor of three-camera live concert videos. Also responsible for preparing videos for internet streaming and DVD duplication, as well as shooting and processing still concert photographs.


Concert Manager, Summer 2009/2010 Seasons

Chestnut Hill Concerts, Madison, CT

Coordinate, manage and comply with safety, security and fire regulations for four classical concerts for an average audience of 200 people per concert.

•Duties include: Scheduling, volunteer recruitment and coordination, artist hospitality.


Producer, Director, Writer, Teacher, DP, Editor, 1999 - 2009

Bagel Fish Productions/Bagel Fish Lab, New Haven, CT

Co-founder and award winning director of film, video, and theatrical production company. Created and supervised client and independent film projects from conception to completion, including delivery and distribution. Wrote and implemented curriculum for acting and production classes. Provided creative direction, leadership, and training to staff, clients, students and interns.

•Duties included maintenance of website, digital encoding of media for web streaming, and related services, creating production budgets, contracts and schedules, maintaining precise reporting on all project-related activities and equipment.


Freelance Wedding/Event Videographer, 2001 – 2008

Dana Keeton Photography, New Haven, CT

Video camera operator and assistant photographer for various weddings and events. Assist photographer with various office and production duties, including: client relations, scheduling shoots, research, organizing and storing film and images, color correcting and image sizing using Photoshop.


Audio/Video Crew and Camera Operator, 2007 – 2008

AVDAVEY, Bridgeport, CT

Work as an AV crewmember setting up, running and breaking down video cameras, projection systems and sound systems at various events throughout Connecticut.


Production Coordinator/Crew, 2002 – 2008

Andrew Rubenoff Design, New Haven, CT

Supervise and schedule staff for event planner/designer.  Work as crew member setting up, running and breaking down of lights, sound systems, projectors, and projection screens, live video feeds, and decorations for weddings, bar mitzvahs, galas, fundraisers, and miscellaneous events.  Operate camera and supervise production services for live video at events.


Stage Carpenter, 2004 – 2006

Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT

Worked as a freelance carpenter in the scene shop at Long Wharf Theatre constructing structural scenery.


Lighting Technician, 2004 – 2006

Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT

Worked as a freelance lighting technician hanging and striking lights at the Yale Repertory Theatre.


Production Manager, 2002 – 2004

State of Connecticut Film and Video Office, Hartford, CT

Organized and managed Production Assistant Training Workshops throughout Connecticut. Duties included: booking venues, hiring teachers, marketing, research, educational material preparations, coordinating and running the event, and arranging guest artists schedules and travel.


Web Master/Designer, 2002 - 2004

State of Connecticut Film and Video Office, Hartford, CT

Commissioned by the State of Connecticut Film and Video Office to design and maintain the website, www.ctindiefilm.com, for independent filmmakers in Connecticut.  Duties included:  research, HTML webpage creation using Dreamweaver software, database creation and maintenance using FileMaker Pro.  Produced a variety of internet media for website streaming.


Assistant Production Services Coordinator, 1999 – 2003

International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, CT

Assist Production Service Coordinator of a $4 million summer festival with office duties and site duties including: supervising staff of five people, scheduling, logistics and operation management, and ordering supplies. Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and accurate inventory documentation of all multi-facility festival signs and equipment. Provide oversight of daily service activities to ensure that the proper level of service and staffing was maintained throughout festival venues at all times. Provide general assistance to Coordinator to maintain well-organized functioning of department.


First Assistant Director, 2002

H3 Productions, Hamden, CT

Performed all preproduction and production Assistant Director duties, including studio floor manager, for Herbert the Third, a 35 min. HD-24P short film, shot at Quinnipiac University Production Studio.  Responsibilities included: hiring crew, scheduling production, running and coordinating on-set personnel and activities.


Carpenter’s Assistant, 2001 – 2002

LoweCo General Contractor, Guilford, CT

Worked as a carpenter’s assistant on high-end home renovations and commercial properties. All aspects of carpentry, from gutting, to framing, to detail finish work, including complying with local building and fire codes.


Head Run Crew, Summers 1998 – 2000

New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, CT

Assisted the Stage Manager in all technical, operational, and audience and performer safety and security of musical main stage on the green with audiences of more than 20,000.


Set & Lighting Designer/Technical Director, 1996 - 1997

Connecticut Heritage Productions, Middletown, CT

Responsible for designing sets & lights, technical direction of productions, including scheduling,

supervising load-in/out and strike and managing and training staff, students and interns. Plays

designed and TD’d include: Marat/Sade, by Peter Weiss; Uncommon Women and Others, by Wendy Wasserstein; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Dale Wasserman.


Founder, Producing Artistic Director, 1991 – 1995

Sandalwood Ensemble, Manchester, CT

Founder of a nonprofit summer stock theater in Manchester, CT. Responsible for selecting season of plays, directing and designing productions, hiring directors, designers and staff, auditioning and forming a team of resident actors, building a board of directors, and fundraising.


Design, Directing, Digital Media Design, New Storytelling Modes for Live Performance, Projection Software and Systems, Interactive Media for Live Performance, Architectural Projections, Transdisciplinary Content Creation for Live Performance, New Media Theory and History, Video Production, Projection Mapping, Media Editing, Audience and Performer Agency in Live Performance, Devising New Work with Technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 360 Video Production.


Instructor, Fall 2013 and Fall 2012

Arizona State University: Film Department

FMP 300: Film Production for Non-Majors

Created syllabus and course wiki for specialized study of prominent film artists, techniques and genres, that emphasized the creative process while incorporating hands-on experience in all aspects of filmmaking – including development, writing, pre-production, production, and post production. Students work in groups to make a short film.


Instructor, Spring 2013

Arizona State University: Film Department

FMP 294: Media Authorship in the Information Age

Online course

An introductory course surveying the manipulation, editing, compression, encoding, and search engine optimization of digital sound and video media.


Teaching Assistant, Spring 2013

Arizona State University: Arts, Media and Engineering Department

DSC 294: Media Editing

Introduces students to the fundamental principles of media editing including form, composition, structure, pattern, sequence and rhythm. Using a combination of open source, commercial and custom designed tools and platforms (e.g. GIMP, iMovie, OnceWhen, Flickr, Soundspace) students explore the practice of media editing as a spatial, temporal and dynamic process.


Teaching Assistant, Fall 2012

Arizona State University: Film Department

FMP 394: Non-Linear Editing for Film and Media

Grade projects and assist 50+ students in editing projects using Final Cut Pro X.


Teaching Assistant, Fall 2011

Arizona State University: Film Department

FMP 201: Film the Creative Process

Online Course

Grade papers, create course announcements, and assist 120+ online students in essay writing about the filmmaking process.


Teaching Assistant, Fall/Spring 2011/2012

Arizona State University: Theatre Department

Property Master for ASU 2011/2012 Mainstage Season

Run the prop shop, design props, and supervise/teach two undergraduate staff for six mainstage productions.


Visiting Professor of Video Production, 2002 – 2003

Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT

Taught introduction to video production to undergraduate students and served as mentor and advisor to students. Provided hands-on instruction in all aspects of video production, from project conceptualization, to writing, directing, and producing, including single camera and three-camera set-ups, lighting, audio, and linear and non-linear editing systems.


Theater Teacher, 1997 – 1999

Educational Center for the Arts, New Haven, CT

As a full-time theater faculty member at an arts magnet high school, was responsible for creating and implementing the curriculum for various courses, as well as directing and designing two theater productions per academic year. Courses taught included:  Directing, Acting Techniques I, II, III and IV, Acting Styles, Commedia ‘del Arte, Shakespeare, Stage Design, Technical Theater, History of Theater, Musical Theater, History of the Television Sitcom, and Acting for the Camera.


Educator, 1996 – present

Center for Creative Youth, Wesleyan University, Media Arts Center, Connecticut Drama Association, The New England Theatre Conference, Makom Hebrew High School, Guilford High School, West Middle School Committee, New Haven Jewish Federation, Hunter College High School, New England Academy of Theatre, John Casablanca Model Agency

Freelance educator for adults, teens and middle-school students. Independently created and taught various classes and workshops in Acting, Commedia ‘del Arte, Acting for the Camera, Filmmaking, Media Literacy, and Screenwriting.




Digital Media, Projection Design & Technology for Theatre

Published March 2018

Focal Press, an imprint of Routledge.

Co-writer with Alex Oliszewski, on the first how-to book on digital media and theatre.


Commissioned Articles:

Academia and Digital Media Design

Three-part article

Live Design International’s online magazine series, “What’s Trending in Education”

Part One published August 16, 2018

Part Two published August 21, 2018

Part Three published August 16, 2018


Integrating Digital Media into Live Performance

Thirteen-part series


2015 - 2017


Ions 2+ Particle Generator App

Live Design International’s online magazine series, “What’s Trending in Software”

Published November 3, 2017


Contributing Author

Live Design International’s online magazine series, “What Trending in Content Creation.”

Published November 12, 2015



Book Reviews:

“Media Servers for Lighting Programmers: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Digital Lighting”

by Vickie Claiborne.

Theatre Design and Technology

The Journal of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology

January 2016


Ongoing Blog:

A public blog about my work as a media designer


Conference Papers:

“Better Practices for Creating Live Performance with Media”

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

Orlando, Florida



“SparrowSong: Constructing Narrative through Immersive Performance Environments”

The Theatre & Performance Research Association

Glasgow, Scotland



Works Submitted:

“SparrowSong: Playing with Interactive Digital Technology in Performance for Children”


“SparrowSong: The Impact of Interactive Technologies (tactile and digital) on Children’s Lives, Personalities and Needs”


Book Review Invitations (Declined):


Reference article on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies

Theatre Design and Technology

The Journal of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology

August, 2018



Edge Habitats: Platforms for Exchange Between the Arts and Sciences

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

A2RU National Conference

Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, November 5 - 8, 2014

A conversation about STEAM collaborations.



Digital Dreams and Multimedia Mirages (in the Desert)

Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Scottsdale, Arizona, August 2014


Co-Leader with award-winning author Carolivia Herron

EpiCenter Stories

Emerge2013: The Future of Truth

Arizona State University

Participants created a group epic that served as a foundation for multidisciplinary connections between literary art, science, math, and the dramatic, performing and visual arts. This collective epic explored the future of truth and our relationships with knowledge - the words we carry with us throughout our lives.



2013 Arts Incubator Grant, The Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship, Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts,                                           Arizona State University Arizona State University.

2013 Student Enrichment Grant to attend Theatre and Performance Research Association, Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

2013 Travel Award Grant to attend Theatre and Performance Research Association, Graduate and Professional Student Association, Arizona State University.

2013 Travel Grant to attend Theatre and Performance Research Association, The Graduate College, Arizona State University.

2013 Student Enrichment Grant to attend Association in Theatre Higher Education Conference, Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

2012 Student Enrichment Grant to attend Currents 2012: Santa Fe International New Media Festival, Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

2004 New Haven Mayor's Community Arts Grants Winner for Bagel Fish Lab Theater production.

1995 Emerging Artist Grant from Pittsburgh Filmmakers.



2013 Summer Research Fellowship, Arizona State University, Finalist

2013 Edson Grant, Arizona State University

2013 Mister Rogers Memorial Scholarship, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

2013 Theatre & Young People in the 21st Century, Children’s Theatre Foundation of America

2012 Cultural Connections: Public Art Project, City of Phoenix, Office of Arts and Culture

2012 X-Act, Arizona State University

2011 Innovation Challenge Grant, Arizona State University


Research Funding:

School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Arizona State University

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total Funding: $20,000.00 + in-kind equipment valued at $75,000.00

Timeline: 2013-2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total Funding: In-kind equipment valued at $50,000.00

Timeline: 2013-2014


The Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship

Arizona State University

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total Funding: $2,450.00

Timeline: 2013-2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


Center for Science and the Imagination

Arizona State University

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total Funding: $5,000.00

Timeline: 2013-2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


SPARK! Festival of Creativity

Mesa Arts Center

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total Funding: $7,000.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator



Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $60,000.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


NVidia Graphics Cards

Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $1,000.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


Pacific Domes

Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $20,000.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


Vortex Immersion Media

Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $12,000.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


FourWall Lighting

Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $3,500.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator


AV Concepts

Corporate Sponsor

Project Title: Wonder Dome

Total In-Kind Equipment Sponsorship: $500.00

Timeline: 2014

Involvement: Principle Investigator



Significant Production Funding:

Private Investors

Project Title: Bagel King, development of a feature film

Total Funding: $75,000.00

Timeline: 2001 – 2008

Involvement: Director, Co-Producer, Writer


Private Investors

 Project Title: G-Spots?, award-winning short film

Total Funding: $125,000.00

Timeline: 2001

Involvement: Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer



Fellow at the Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University, 2013 - 2014.

Teaching Assistantship (full tuition waiver and stipend), Arizona State University, 2011 - 2014.

Leadership Fellow, School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University, Spring 2013

Herbert Smith Graduate Fellowship, 2013 - 2014.

Special Talent Award, Arizona State University, 2013 - 2014.

Theatre Student Memorial Award, Arizona State University, 2012 - 2013.

Special Talent Award, Arizona State University, 2011 - 2012.

Best Regional Film, for directing G-Spots?, from The Providence International Film Festival.

Honorable Mention, for directing G-Spots?, from Film Fest New Haven.

Best Credits for directing Uptonanda, from the 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Honorable Mention, for writing of the screenplay Bagel King, Ohio International Film Festival.

First Place for directing The Dependency in original one-act competition at Mark Twain Masquers.

Dramatic Excellence certificate for co-direction of Chamber Music by the CT Drama Association.



Videographer for School of Film, Dance and Theatre departmental workshops.

Videographer and photographer for School of Film, Dance and Theatre mainstage performances.



Volunteer, 2012, Currents: Santa Fe International New Media Festival.

Volunteer, 2002, Woods Hole Film Festival.

Volunteer, 2001, Independent Feature Project, NYC.

Volunteer, 2001, Cannes International Film Festival.

Volunteer, 1999, Sundance Film Festival.

Volunteer, 1997-1999, New Haven Film Festival.


Preparing Future Faculty

Part of a select group of Doctoral and MFA students, Preparing Future Faculty provides contextual and interdisciplinary knowledge of the professoriate. Seminars with guest faculty include:

              Structure and Organization of the Academy

              Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities

              Effective Teaching

              New Faculty Perspectives on the Job Search and Life in the First Year

              Grant Writing


The United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

Themed Entertainment Association

Theatre and Performance Research Association

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi


"Projected against a large sheer wall in the distance, Daniel Fine’s and Matthew Ragan’s animations of geological features and biological creatures (among other subjects) lent narrative heft." - Dan Mims, The Daily Nutmeg


“Gorgeous abstract-art video projections…a vivid multimedia performance…creative team makes use of theatrical tricks both ancient and state-of-the-art…another example of how theatre artists can transform the stage into a whole new world.” –Kerry Lengel, The Republic/AZCentral.com


“Nothing’s forced or expected. But opportunities are there. Folks discover ways their movements can influence the room’s technology, and find they’re free to add to the drawings all around them. Parents who grew up with rotary phones and typewriters will marvel at what today’s students can accomplish in all things media arts. Children with a creative bent may head home eager to build their own interactive arts space. And teens may ponder the wonders of making a living by laptop rather than merely watching movies on the darn thing all day.” – Lynn Trimble, RaisingArizonaKids.com


“High marks for dramatic media effects.” - Julie Peterson, Phoenix New Times


“It is not uncommon to go to an art museum and view an installation with an interactive element, but that’s not storytelling. SparrowSong, however, tells a story via digital and analog interactivity through immersion. Families can interact with the story by stepping in and touching the world of the story.” – Tyler Verti, The State Press

“Experimental theatre usually plays to a very niche interest group. But the locally-conceived SparrowSong, which opens this weekend at ASU's Prism Theatre, aims to create an inclusive environment for all types of theatre-goers.” – Katrina Montgomery, The Phoenix New Times


“Daniel Fine is one of those people with energy and intensity to spare.” - Betsy Wittemann, Journal Inquirer


“Daniel Scott Fine is almost never not directing.” - Carla Stockton, Imagine Magazine


“Future David Lynch?” - Julian Freud, Manchester Herald


“From a play about mass destruction and international chaos comes one of the most exciting and well planned productions [directed by Fine] to hit a local high school in years." - Christopher Arnott, New Haven Advocate


“Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of attending a staged reading of a new screenplay... I was moved to laughter and to tears... The author and director is Daniel Scott Fine.” - Marilyn A. Bonomi, shaksper.net


“Also admirable was the combining of art forms, with paintings shown on the stage set as well as in the lobby. Daniel Scott Fine's set and lighting design, as well as technical direction, contributed largely to the success of the performance.” - Bob Cumming, The Trumpeter


“G-Spots is a short film that is simultaneously simple and busy, small but grand, silly and profound. A tale torn from Chaucer is the basis for a rapid-cut comic dissertation on "What do women want? Fine & Stockton arranged gorgeous-looking lush settings and a processing bump from HD to 35mm film. They also wrangled two name stars into their little thought piece - Sandy Duncan (as you've never seen her before) and Keith David.” - Christopher Arnott, New Haven Advocate


“For many filmmakers, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's red carpets can be far from reach. Although everyone seems to have his or hands on the latest digital technology, movie making is a craft that must be perfected. That is where Bagel Fish Productions [Fine's former production company] enters the movie making equation. Based out of New Haven, this innovative production team offers a brand new summer program for people interested in making original films.” - Lorin Cipolla, The Source


“After a series of letters and faxes between Ivsic and Educational Center for the Arts drama teacher Daniel Scott Fine - and an unsuccessful fund-raising attempt to pay for Ivsic's trip - the playwright became so intrigued with Fine's interest in his work that he came [to New Haven from Paris] anyway, and paid for it himself. 'I was fond of the letters of Daniel, I wanted to come here to see his production.’” - Natalie Missakian, New Haven Register


“We are grateful to ECA and Daniel Scott Fine and Radovan Ivsic for raising the bar, for setting a standard of excellence.” - Carla Stockton, New Haven Advocate


“The Bagel King is a real oddity for this festival, but an important act of understanding on the part of the FFNH programmers. Daniel Fine, a former ECA theater instructor who's been active in local small-theater circles for years, penned this screenplay last year... Deeply human, fraught with medical, automotive and emotional disasters, and strikingly visual.” - Christopher Arnott, New Haven Advocate

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