Daniel Fine

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Immersive Theatre



Media Designer

December 2012


Tempe, Arizona


ASU Mainstage


¡Bocón! tells the story of Miguel who flees the military occupation of his home town in Central America. He is determined to find refuge in City of Lights, Los Angles, and on his journey he has several mystical and enchanting encounters – which both teach him lessons about the world, and about himself. The media team was tasked with helping to create a sense of place, magic, and relationship. More than just aesthetic elements, media’s role was to help tell Miguel’s story. Read more about projecting onto the floor by bouncing off mirrors on my blog here and more detailed information about the media design on my blog here.

Tech Specs:

Three 35’ surround screens and 20’x20’ of floor projection using nine projectors, and five computers running two media servers. Watchout ran seven projectors for the surround screens and Isadora ran two projectors for the interactive floor projections. Additional technology used: two triple-head matrox, two mirrors to bounce projections. Software: Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Processing, OSC.

Key Creative Team:

Director: Megan Weaver

Media Designer: Daniel Fine

Set Designer: Jake Pinholster

Lighting Designer: Celeste Lee

Costume Designer: Connie Furr-Soloman

Associate Media Designer: Matthew Ragan


“Gorgeous abstract-art video projections…a vivid multimedia performance…creative team makes use of theatrical tricks both ancient and state-of-the-art…another example of how theatre artists can transform the stage into a whole new world.” –Kerry Lengel, The Republic/AZCentral.com


AZ Central

The East Valley Tribune

The Phoenix New Times


Lines draw on, capturing Miguel.

The floor reacts to the dancer.

Lost deep in the forest. The vines drew on.

The Border of Lights.

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