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Elevator #7 : Live Performance in Shared Virtual Worlds

Virtual Reality & Live Performance

Co-Principal Investigator, Artistic Director, Co-Creator, Digital Media & Experience Design



December 2018:

Performance: Mabie Theatre, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

June 2019:

Conference Presentation: Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic


A multi-year research project of faculty and students at the University of Iowa departments of Theatre Arts, Dance, Computer Science, and Art & Art History that explores the emerging collision of live performance, 3D design, computer science, expanded cinema, and virtual worlds by creating a room-scale, mixed-reality, live experience. Members of the “audience” each wear a head-mounted display and share a virtual environment with live performers.


Objectives explored: 1.) The principles of producing live performance/VR experiences; 2.) The methods of integrating live actors into virtual worlds; 3.) Novel ways to create the scenography of real and virtual worlds, including live image streams and physical props that provide haptic feedback; 4.) Technical solutions for unleashing the possibilities of performance design within VR.

Tech Specs:

Room-scale VR and physical world experience with four live cameras, greenscreen, Unity, HTC Vive, Cinema 4D.

Creative Team:


Joseph Kearney: co-creator, virtual reality technical director

Daniel Fine: co-creator, artistic director, live video

Alan MacVey: co-creator, writer, director

Bryon Winn: co-creator, sound design

Monica Correia: co-creator, 3-D design

Joseph Osheroff: primary performer



Marc Macaranas: live video, choreography

Sarah Gutowski: 3-D modeling, texture

Xiao Song: virtual reality programmer

Ryan McElroy: sound design, sound board operator

Chelsea Regan: costume designer

Actors: Ashlynn Dale, Octavius Lanier, Chris Walbert, Shelby Zukin

Production assistants: Courtney Gaston, Nick Coso

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