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Exploring Iowa's Renewable Energy

Long-term Interactive Installation

Co-Creator, Video Producer/Director



November, 2017 - ?

Iowa City Parks and Recreation

Robert A. Lee Recreation Center. Iowa City, IA


A collaborative team commissioned by the Iowa City Parks and Recreation department to create Exploring Iowa's Renewable Energy, a long-term, interactive public art installation about STEAM. I created a three-channel atmospheric, meditative, thirty-minute looping video with audio on Iowa’s hydro, wind and solar energy.


I collaborated with the team to create and install the installation. Additionally, I was responsible for creating the video and audio that played inside the barn. I spent a summer traveling around Iowa to record footage. The team wanted the space inside the barn to be a contemplative, restful environment for kids to take a break from their busy lives. We decided the video should reflect this. The video is purposefully slow, contrasting the fast cuts of typical videos for children. The video should give the viewer a sense of calm and when viewed from inside the barn, become an immersive experience, as if you were right there, looking out a window into the environment.


For the most part, the video footage is as shot in-camera, with no post-production effects or color grading added. Given the amount of digital manipulation that a lot my current work requires, I wanted to do as much in-camera work as possible for this project, letting the angles, the composition, and the movement (or lack thereof) within the frame speak for itself. I have been really interested slow motion video. A good deal of this video is shot natively at 120 frames per second.

Tech Specs:

Canon 5D shooting 120 FPS video at locations around the state of Iowa. Three channel installation: two 19" monitors and one 23" monitor, two speakers.

Key Creative Team:

Co-Creator/Structure | Daniel Miller

Co-Creator/Electronics | Kyle Rector

Co-Creator/Photographer | Dana Keeton

Co-Creator/Coding | Steve Baek


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