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In Between - Socially Engaged Experiential Media System

Theoretical Project for Greater Phoenix Area Homeless Youth




Fall 2011


Tempe, Arizona


Class Project, Arizona State University


The homeless teenage population of Greater Phoenix, Arizona is eager to engage in social networks, share their stories and connect to the larger world. They are affected by technology in the urban environment, even if they do not have regular or any access to it. In Between, is a proposed project that allows homeless teens to tell their stories by creating videos, photographs, audio samples, and written stories that are geo-tagged and placed on an interactive map. The project culminates in an embodied, touring art



In Between, is a theoretical, interactive installation designed for homeless teens, age 13-20, in Greater Phoenix, Arizona. We hope to address the question “what it means to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” Our goal is to design a system, experience, and installation, which offers a voice to the teenage homeless population, who often remain in the shadows.



Designing for Dignity:

Provide access to good design for those who could benefit the most from it, but have the least access to it.


Value-.‐Sensi/ve Design:

Account for human values in a principled and comprehensive manner.


Read more about the project here.


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