Daniel Fine

media | projection | system

 design & integration

Live Geometry

Transdisciplinary, Durational Live Performance

Principal Investigator, Co-Creator, Director & Media Designer



April 2017:

Performance: Dada Futures Conference

University of Iowa. Iowa City, IA

March 2018:

Conference Presentation by Team Member Jean-Francios Charles

Prisma Meeting

Institute for Research and Coordination Accoustics Music

Paris, France

October 2018:

Solo Conference Presentation: The Art of Content Creation

LDI 2018 Conference and Tradeshow. Las Vegas, NV

March 2019:

Solo Conference Presentation: From Artistic Inspiration to Final Design

USITT 19 Conference & Stage Expo. Louisville, KY


Principal Investigator on a transdisciplinary team of faculty for an awarded AHI Grant ($7,500.00).


What happens when a video/new media artist, a composer, an engineer, and a ceramicist collaborate for a year? They write things like, “a fundamental change that emerging and digital technologies bring to our global society is the way in which art is created, experienced, exhibited, remixed and shared.” They ask questions like, “how can we create a durational performance about global migration and the sharing of culture that uses objects as performers and experiments with the traditional notions of performance and gallery exhibition, without specifically making a performance about migration and culture sharing in a gallery?”


Inspired by the Dada and Fluxus traditions of transdisciplinary art making and performance, Live Geometry explores the possibilities of bringing data and inanimate objects to life in a durational performance and extended gallery event. A data set of global airline patterns into Iowa serves as a symbol of human movement and sharing of culture, while providing the foundation for a custom-built 3D clay printer to perform/create geometric representations of the globe. The data is also used to create immersive musical soundscapes, projections and “video glaze.”

Tech Specs:

Five projectors, four projection screens, one 72" TV, four live cameras, one live video mixer, 3D clay printer, four channel sound system, interactive sound control, toaster oven. Two custom Isadora patches drive all the visuals, including real-time data driven visuals used as “video glaze” on ceramic objects.

Key Creative Team:

Co-Creator & Ceramics | Andy Casto

Co-Creator & Composer | Jean-Francios Charles

Co-Creator & Engineer | Steven Baek

Lighting Designer | Ted Brown

Production Manager | Aubrey J. Near

Performer | Angelia Mahaney

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