Interactive Architectural Projection Mapping with Live Performance

Co-Creator, Co-Media Designer


Proyecta Festival

May 2014

Puebla, Mexico

Engulfed in an expansive and rippling landscape, Matarraya , questions the notions of the ephemeral and the corporeal. A collaborative performance, this reactive and generative installation extends the reach of the musician beyond the boundaries of acoustics and into the realm of projection, allowing for the manipulation of light and architecture, time and meaning, space and form.


Custom visuals responded in real-time to audio from six live musicians, which were integrated to create a moving canvas on the ground and in the trees, activating approximately 3/4 of the 250'x250' historic site. Custom built PC media server running Touch Designer out via three Datapaths to Twelve Epson 10K projectors. Analog to digital audio interface received inputs from each musicians instrument microphone and routed into Touch Designer. The highs, mids and lows were set to specific visual perameters. In addition, other visuals were manipulated live VJ style. Software: Touch Designer, Touch OSC, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro.

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