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Music from Airports - Homage to Brian Eno

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May 4, 2018:

Performance with the Carol Trio


Laptop Orchestra at UI. University of Iowa. Stark Opera Studio, Iowa City, IA



Improvisation with composer/custom synthesizer Jean-Francios Charles and the Carol Trio. I created an Isadora patch and live manipulated four live cameras and mixed them with custom video effects. In addition to my live manipulations of the artwork, a microphone input listened to the music being created. The high, mids and lows of the audio was changing parameters of the visuals in realtime.


This design is a continuation of my exploration into how digital artwork and technology is created and manipulated in real-time by performers and myself. A longtime practice in concert settings, most notably large arena concerts is IMAG (Image Magnification). IMAG is where a live camera captures the band members and those moving images are displayed via projection or emissive technologies somewhere onstage in order to amplify or enlarge the performance, most commonly so people far away can see better, as if they were in the front rows.


In the tradition of artists like Laurie Anderson and the Wooster Group, I am using IMAG not simply for magnification, but as the foundation for further exploration within the the digital artwork and as a contribution to the greater whole of the performance.

Tech Specs:

Four live cameras, one live video mixer, one projector, one screen, one microphone, custom Isadora VJ patch running on a Macbook Pro.

Key Creative Team:

Composer/Custom Synthesizer | Jean-Grancios Charles

Countrebass | Fr├ęderic Briet

Clarinet | Christophe Rocher

Drums | Nicolas Pointard

Assistant Digital Media Designer | Marc Macaranas

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