Daniel Fine

media | projection | system

 design & integration


Immersive Theatre



Associate Media Designer to Jacob Pinholster

September 2012


Tempe, Arizona


ASU Mainstage


Divised piece which explored questions of identity, surveillance, and the new American Dream in this world premiere.

Tech Specs:

Assisted Jacob Pinholster on content creation, system installation and camera operations for eighteen screens, using three projectors, three PTZ cameras, five computers, two media servers including Watchout and Isadora. Supervised the creation of a custom Processing patch that scraped Twitter for tweets and pictures and outputted the content via Syphon and OSC. Programmed Isadora to display the OSC tweets and the Syphon photos and send the signals out to Watchout. Software: Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Processing, OSC, Syphon, iShowU.

Key Creative Team:

Director: Megan Weaver and Brian Foley

Media Designer: Jacob Pinholster

Asociate Media Designer: Daniel Fine

Set Designer: Brunella Provvidente

Lighting Designer: Adam Vachon

Costume Designer: Anastacia Schneider

Sound Designer: Julie Rada

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