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All in the Family

Process Art Video




Creator, Video Design, Projection Mapping, Editor


Tempe, Arizona


Arizona State University


It took me a long while to land on the concept for the video and I can't really articulate where the inspiration came from exactly. I was trying very hard to have fun and be silly. I have long loved the sitcom All in the Family and often times, out of nowhere, I will find myself singing the theme song. I guess with all the fuss of the inauguration, the song has kind of been twirling around in my mind.... were those the days? Being a latch-key kid I watched a lot of tv as a youth - back when there was rabbit ears and a knob for UHF channels. Television is still pretty popular, but the way we view it has changed. We rarely sit in our chairs facing "the tube" to watch what is being broadcast in real time. While "television" content is still alive and strong, the physical televisions and the way we view the content are rapidly changing. By projecting onto the surface of the TV, I am commenting on how the digital medium has taken over the analog world. The egg timer represents time- both the television of the past and the march into the ever increasing digital future. Learn more on my blog here.

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