Interactive Performance

Co-Creator, Co-Director, Digital Media Designer, System Designer


Peer-Reviewed Outcomes/Dissemination:

June 2023

Performance: Open Air Media Festival at

Public Space One

Iowa City, IA

Photo Gallery:


Key Creative Team:

Co-Creator |  Dana Keeton


A durational performance with a VJ set of live and pre-recorded videos projected onto bubbles filled with fog that create an accumulating bubble mound. A whimsical installation of dancing light, bubbles, and fog is created over the course of the evening by the ephemeral nature of the fog bubbles, how they collect, undulate and reflect the projected videos. At moments throughout the performance, the audience is invited to participate in creating visuals.


The fog bubbles are created by two fog bubble machines and contained within a 10x10’ pop-up tent. The bubbles accumulate on a slanted mesh material inside the tent throughout the performance, forming an undulating cloud. Projections include real-time generated art and pre-recorded videos from the artists’ archives. A camera is placed over a glowing pedestal in front of the bubble tent, where the artists and audience members manipulate playful objects such as tops, string, marbles, and wind-up toys, which are then layered into the video projections. An audio track of soothing chimes plays for the duration of the performance.


Each performance is unique, based on the movement and accumulation of the fog bubbles, and the interactions of audience members. The durational performance is structured, planned, and rehearsed, yet free, fun, and playful, responding to the nature of the moment. The performance is roughly a 20-30 minute cycle that loops over four hours, depending on audience participation, improvisation, and bubble accumulation (varies by weather). The audience is free to come and go as they wish, staying as long as they would like, with the option to participate in creating live video at given times.

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