Daniel Fine

media | projection | system

 design & integration

Survivor's Way

Immersive Theatre



Co-Media Designer

April 2012


Tempe, Arizona


Second Stage, Arizona State University


Solo live performance with live cameras, shadow work, analog and digital projections.

Tech Specs:

25’x25’ cyc using from projection and rear projection as well as one rear transparency projector. Two computers running Isadora, a video switcher, and eight live cameras. Ran the show live, operating live cameras, video switcher and two system controllers.

Front and rear projection of live, overhead camera to create double projected image composited with shadow of live performer.

Shadow of live performer opening a box and digital birds flying out.

Live camera feed of performer playing with toys composited with video effects.

Composite in Isdadora of live green screen, stock video footage and custom artwork.

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