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Terra Tractus

Interactive Architectural Projection Mapping with Live Performance


June 2014


Co-Media Designer


Stony Creek Rock Quarry, CT


Projects for a New Millennium


The design explores the edges of incorporating media for live performance. Working with miniature models, real-time digital art, stop motion animations, and visuals reacting to music in real-time, a layered and playful world that visually enhances the story of the geological history of the Earth, and the Stony Creek Quarry was created.

Tech Specs:

Custom visuals were live mixed VJ style to the audio, activating a super wide projection area of roughly 190'x34' of the stone quarry wall. Custom built PC media server running Rouge in Touch Designer out via one Datapath to three Christie 12K projectors. Another instance of Touch Designer was running to real-time blend and warp all three projectors.

Key Creative Team:

Creative Director | Joy Wulke (1948-2014)

Co-Producers/Managing Directors | Gioia Connell, David Connell

Co-Producer/Lighting Designer/Technical Director, Production Manager | Jamie Burnett

Director | Tom Burnett

Musical Director/Composer | Istvan Peter B’Racz

Media/Projection Design | Daniel Fine, Matthew Ragan

Choreographer | Nazorine Ulysse

Stage Manager | Margaret Carl

Lead Climber/Sculptor and crew | Silas Finch


"Video designers Daniel Fine and Matthew Ragan created a multilayered environment to enhance the story...The end result was a breathtaking visual environment." -Ellen Lampert-Greaux, Live Design Online


"Projected against a large sheer wall in the distance, Daniel Fine’s and Matthew Ragan’s animations of geological features and biological creatures (among other subjects) lent narrative heft." - Dan Mims, The Daily Nutmeg


Studio Live Design

City Theatrical

The Daily Nutmeg

The New Haven Independent

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