The Count of Monte Cristo


Projection Designer


Brigham Young University

January 2015

Provo, UT

A United States premiere of the new opera by Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy, directed by Tim Threlfall.


Designed projections and system using Green Hippo media server and four projectors onto eight mapped surfaces. Supervise department of five.

"The biggest stars of this production are the scenic design by Rory Scanlon and projection design by Daniel Fine (art by Kristi Harmon). The projections are a feast for the eyes and keep the action moving fluidly across the many settings…this scenic and projection design would be perfectly at home in a Broadway house."

                               – Tyler Hinton,


“It’s also important to mention Daniel Fine’s projections, which served as the majority of the scenery in this play. Fine avoided the static look of many onstage projections by adding subtle animations, such as changing phases of the moon, or growing foliage. He also included animated transitions from one projection to another - a wonderful touch that helped scenes flow smoothly together.”

                               – Russell Warne, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

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