Wonder Dome

Interactive Architectural Projection Mapping with Live Performance

Director, Executive Producer


Wonder Dome

March 2014

Tempe, AZ

Principle Investigator (producer, director, system design, content creation) of a cross-university research project between Arizona State University and The Ohio State University. Wonder Dome is a touring performance platform that invites audiences into an interactive, 360-degree immersive dome where narrative can be encountered, explored and told by mixing ancient forms of live performance with cinema, gaming, HCI and cutting edge digital technology. The project raised over $44,000.00 in cash funding and over $250,000.00 of in-kind donations from industry corporate sponsors to date, involved professionals, graduate students and under-graduate students across the artistic disciplines and was premiered at the professional SPARK! Festival of Creativity at The Mesa Arts Center in March, 2014. Learn more at: Wonderdome.co


30' diameter, touring, projection dome. Custom built PC media server running multiple instances of Touch Designer for show control and real-time warping and blending. Fully integrated sound and lighting that were responsive to performers, audience and visuals. Multiple real-time, digital puppets controlled via facial recognition and wii-Motes. Software: Touch Designer, Isadora, Max MSP, QLab, Syphon, Faceshift, Black Syphon, Black Magic, Final Cut Pro, Premeire, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, OSCelator.

Key Creative Team:

Creative Director | Executive Producer: Daniel Fine

Co-Producer | Media Designer: Alex Oliszewski

Co-Producer | Lighting Designer: Adam Vachon

Systems | Touch Designer Programmer: Matthew Ragan

Composer:  Istvan Peter B’Racz

Sound Designer: Stephen Christensen

Co-Writer: Carla Stockton

Production Manager: Mollie Flanigan

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Peterson

Puppet Director: Aubrey Grace Watkins

Performer: Julie Rada

Each element (waves, fish, sun, background) was created in Illustrator and animated in real time in Touch Designer.

The video of the Giant was shot on a Cannon 7D, edited in FCP and cartoon effects rendered in After Effects. Leo, the Robot is a real-time, live feed via another computer running Faceshift, a facial recognition software that allows a performer to control the digital avitor.

The box world was created and rendered in real-time in Touch Designer.

The Pig and the Wolf were created in Photoshop, animated in After Effects and live performers controlled the digital avitors via wii-Motes running in Isadora with live-feeds to the media server. A live-feed video camera captured the audience and real time effects were applied in Touch Designer.

The audience blew the cloud coyote apart.

Composite of Pinky the puppet expanding.

Composite of live performer backstage using facial recognition to control a digital avatar in real-time in the dome.

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